Tell the Senate: We Object!

At no point in our history has America been more in need of an independent judiciary to stand up to a runaway and reckless administration. With President Trump escalating his attacks on our most basic rights, the courts are one of the last safeguards against his dangerous agenda. But now he wants to undermine the independence of the courts by nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. With a long history of siding with powerful interests over everyday Americans, Gorsuch isn’t the independent voice who will stand up to Trump’s unconstitutional overreach. We just can’t afford to elevate Trump’s extreme agenda with a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest court. Now is the time to join with people from all walks of life who are standing up to say ‘we object!’

The Case Against Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch has a troubling history of siding with corporations and ideologues over everyday Americans. Whose side is he really on?

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Join Events Across America

As the Senate debates Trump’s nominee, we’ll take to the streets with actions in all corners of the country.

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Resources for Resistance

Are you ready to join the fight? Here are some of the resources to find out how. From sharing this petition to calling your senator, there are many ways to get involved.

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Americans tell the Senate #WeObject

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  • America needs a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up to Trump’s reckless, runaway administration. Gorsuch is not that justice. #WeObject

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  • Gorsuch has long history of siding with corporations over everyday Americans. We need a justice that will stand with the people. #WeObject

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  • We must resist Trump’s nomination of yet another yes man to back his dangerous policies. We must stand against Gorsuch. #WeObject

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  • We cannot afford to have Trump’s administration represented in the Supreme Court for 30+ years. #WeObject to the Gorsuch nomination.

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  • Are you ready to join the fight? Explore our resources for resistance & find out how you can get involved: #WeObject

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March 22, 2017

Fishing for Answers: Republican Senators Cast Softball Questions in Gorsuch Hearings

Examining a nominee for a lifetime seat on the United States Supreme Court is one of the Senate’s highest responsibilities. But while Americans across the country are eager to know where Neil Gorsuch stands on fundamental rights, Republican Senators questioned the nominee about his hobbies, like his favorite fishing spots and his preference for skiing. Watch some of […]

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March 21, 2017

Liberal Groups Increase Pressure Over Gorsuch Nomination

As Neil Gorsuch faces a grilling in the Senate Judiciary Committee later Tuesday, liberal groups mobilizing against him are accelerating the pressure against Democratic senators with a new digital ad campaign urging them to filibuster the Supreme Court nominee. The People’s Defense, a coalition of more than a dozen progressive organizations, is launching the six-figure […]

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March 20, 2017

ABC News: Progressive groups demand a filibuster against Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Progressive organizations are ramping up their campaign against Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and explicitly calling on Senate Democrats to do more to oppose his confirmation to the nation’s highest court. Monday, leading organizations on the left, including MoveOn, UltraViolet, DailyKos, NARAL Pro-Choice America and others sent an email to their millions of members asking […]

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