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Our federal courts – the last line of defense to protect our most basic rights, are under heavy attack by the Trump Administration. Donald Trump inherited over 100 vacancies on federal courts, and is on a mission to appoint extreme right-wing judges like Neil Gorsuch and John Bush to serve lifetime appointments. And Trump will only continue to work to erode our freedoms with more extreme nominations to come.

Because Republicans need only 51 votes to confirm any federal judge, the only way to stop them is through the work of activists, organizers, and everyday citizens like you. The People’s Defense serves as a hub of action and activism for progressive partners who believe in the American people’s constitutional rights to freedom of expression, religious liberty, equal justice under the law, and the right to democratic participation.

Together we will work to amplify and activate voices across the country, hold the Senate accountable for who they confirm, and keep extremism out of the courts.