Daily Kos: That Time Neil Gorsuch Said it Was Okay for Bush and Cheney to Torture People

So much for a Supreme Court justice who would be a check on an overreaching, lawless, unitary executive. Let’s go back to the really bad old days of the Bush/Cheney regime and that hallmark of it: torture. Neil Gorsuch, popular vote loser Donald Trump’s nominee to sit on the high court, was a top Justice Department official in those days, and one of many of its torture defenders. If this is not a disqualifying bit of his professional history, I don’t know what would be.

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  • America needs a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up to Trump’s reckless, runaway administration. Gorsuch is not that justice. #WeObject

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  • Gorsuch has long history of siding with corporations over everyday Americans. We need a justice that will stand with the people. #WeObject

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  • We must resist Trump’s nomination of yet another yes man to back his dangerous policies. We must stand against Gorsuch. #WeObject

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