Forbes: Why Millenials Should Be Worried About Supreme Court Nominee

“I want to like Gorsuch, but despite his superb credentials and elegant manner, he’s an originalist. Meaning he interprets the constitution through the lens and context of when it was written in 1789. It sounds quaint and intellectually stimulating on paper, but in practice, for those who are not property owning white men, it is an inherently prejudicial interpretation from a white man who has never had to fight for his civil rights, and will never suffer the repercussions of his own rulings. Gorsuch has three academic degrees, he knows this, yet this is the interpretation he prefers.”


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  • America needs a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up to Trump’s reckless, runaway administration. Gorsuch is not that justice. #WeObject

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  • Gorsuch has long history of siding with corporations over everyday Americans. We need a justice that will stand with the people. #WeObject

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  • We must resist Trump’s nomination of yet another yes man to back his dangerous policies. We must stand against Gorsuch. #WeObject

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