Politico: Liberals hit Democrats on Gorsuch after Politico story

Liberal groups are firing off yet another warning to Senate Democrats in the heated battle over Neil Gorsuch, urging the senators to ramp up their fight against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ahead of the confirmation hearings next week.

In response to a POLITICO story Tuesday detailing the caucus’ struggles to coalesce around a Supreme Court strategy, the coalition of progressive organizations — called the “People’s Defense” — issued a joint statement pressuring senators to battle harder against the nominee.

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  • America needs a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up to Trump’s reckless, runaway administration. Gorsuch is not that justice. #WeObject

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  • Gorsuch has long history of siding with corporations over everyday Americans. We need a justice that will stand with the people. #WeObject

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  • We must resist Trump’s nomination of yet another yes man to back his dangerous policies. We must stand against Gorsuch. #WeObject

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